It's Time to Prepare Your Business for Christmas

Christmas is a magical time when people gather together and celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year. We buy presents, prepare food, and wait to meet our loved ones. Sounds beautiful, but not everyone is as excited about the upcoming holidays. The festive season brings a lot of struggle for companies to meet deadlines, tasks are piling up, and on top of that, you need to plan how to surprise your clients (if you haven't planned it yet, check ways to thank your clients).

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When Should You Start Preparing for Christmas?

This time shouldn't be a race to finish all the tasks before the clock hits the end of the work. It's holidays, so you should prepare your business for the festive season beforehand. The trigger is that you never know when the time to start is right. You don't want to be that company that starts Christmas promotions right after All Saint's Day, but at the same time, it's so much work that you have to start early.

The best thing to do is to plan in advance, for instance, you can prepare a short calendar with all the major holidays throughout the year and plan what needs to be done. Then when the Christmas promotion time comes, you’ll have all the needed material and could relax knowing everything is ready.

We collected a few ideas to include in your holiday plans so that your company's Christmas would be even merrier this year.

Business Ideas Before Christmas

Make your social media channels more festive

From design to hashtags and promotions, social media should be the first step to start communication about Christmas. During the high season, Christmas themed posts, articles, and photos are trendy, and that can help you to reach a broader audience.

Hashtags are a handy tool to expand your client base, so pick the right ones that would not only mention holidays but also represent your business and service. You can also use social media for advertising special promotions and organizing Christmas contests for your customers.

Holiday-themed newsletter

If you run a regular newsletter campaign, you can either choose to embellish it with Christmasy design or release a special Christmas edition and add it to the existing one. A great way to engage with clients and at the same time, remind them about your holiday promotions is to send at least one newsletter a week for the whole month of December.

Christmas is a family holiday, so don't be afraid to show your second family - your team. It would make the business look more personal, while on top of that, a newsletter is a perfect way to introduce your organization.

Christmasy design

Everything from your website to social media channels should represent the festive spirit. But putting a Santa Claus hat on top of your logo won't impress your users, so go the extra mile and surprise them. If you're looking to update your business design for Christmas, there's no need to worry, because Doctor Idea can help you.

We offer a subscription-based design service, so the only thing you need to do is to pick a plan that could cover your needs for the holiday time. We’ll redesign and prepare your website, social media channels, newsletters, posts, and illustrations to look like a Christmas miracle.

Holiday promotions and discounts

Yes, Christmas is about being with your loved ones and sharing beautiful moments together, but it's also about gifts. And no matter what you offer, you can create a promotional campaign. This time of the year, more people engage in online contests and search for discounts to buy presents. Christmas time is excellent for advertising your service and increasing sales.

Send cards to your customers and partners

This tip is more valuable for B2B companies, as they have fewer, but more significant clients. If you work in the B2C sector, you can send online cards with personalized messages or reminders of how much you appreciate your customers. But if you mainly have partnerships and B2B clients, then the more personal note would be appropriate. You can send a paper card wishing merry Christmas or even add a little treat to make your customers feel more appreciated.

Prepare your platform for increased sales

During the holiday season, on average, the retail sector can expect an increase of 5,4%. You have to be careful not to spoil it. And the worst case is when your marketplace platform or a website isn't prepared for increased traffic and thereby fails to work. That's why it's necessary to conduct testings and ensure excellent user experience.

Many of today's users shop on their mobile phones, so ensuring that everything on your site works the same on both desktop and mobile is more than crucial. Imagine how unfortunate it would be if you invest your time and money in creating promotions and campaigns, and a tiny system interference causes you to lose buyers and money.

Start preparing for Christmas now, and avoid all the hassle and stress later. The biggest holiday of the year should inspire you to reflect and unwind, so running around with unfinished projects will spoil the joy. To take some work off your shoulders, consider using professional assistance. Doctor Idea can help you turn your business into one Christmasy brand that greets this wonderful occasion without any stress. We offer subscription-based design services depending on your needs and project size. Check Doctor Idea plans, and pick the one that would make your Christmas a holiday of joy.

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