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Finding a Graphic Designer for a Small Business

Modern companies recognize the impact of graphic design and try their best to hire competent designers. We can forget the times when a few flyers and mediocre website were enough to conquer the market. A powerful design campaign is a vital aspect of a company to survive and flourish. To be more specific, 60.8% of marketers declare that visuals are a sure-fire way to effective advertising. Yet when it comes to finding an experienced graphic designer, it can get challenging. more...

Should You Hire a Freelancer for Your Graphic Design Projects?

We live in a visual age when things don’t exist if they cannot be seen. That being said, even small local brands acknowledge the role of design for their business. It gives a needed exposure, increases brand awareness, and helps consumers to memorize your service better. Also, you stand out from competitors and more amateur counterparts. more...

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