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Professional Graphic Design: The Way to a Successful Business

With a rapidly decreasing attention span, it’s essential to keep the audience reading. Visuals do the thing. Clever design can help to shape business style, public presence, the message, and most importantly, draw people’s attention. To be more specific, your clients will memorize 65% of the information given if it includes illustrations. If you still doubt the power of compelling design, then imagine this: 94% of visitors will leave a website if it has lousy graphics. It’s impossible to deny the importance of graphic design.

Graphic design is a complex combination of creative and technical skills. Experts invest a lot of time to master the craft as it can determine business prosperity. That’s why in this article, we want to dig deeper into five design benefits that can transform your brand and make it flourish.

5 Ways Graphic Design Influences Your Brand’s Success

1. Corporate identity

It’s never too late to work on your corporate identity, and the more you invest in it, the better the outcome. We aren’t only talking about money, but also preparation, research, materials. A logo is not enough to represent a brand. Your colors, shapes, fonts have to appear everywhere. It shows professionalism and dedication to your brand. Also, the more people notice your corporate design, the more they will recognize it the next time they see it.

However, it requires consistency. If you change or enhance it once in a few years, it can bring a positive outcome. Yet, if you find new flaws to change every month, then it’s time to reconsider your design team’s performance. Therefore, we recommend spending enough time to develop a powerful concept that will lead your way to success.

2. Brand association

Brand association is when a customer has a mental image associated with a brand. Most likely, it will follow the visual details. And like any business owner, you don’t want your company to be identified with poor design choices.

Brand association is closely linked with corporate identity. Nonetheless, it’s only one piece. If you are seeking your brand to raise certain emotions or mental images for your customers, it has to include everything. Despite logos, colors, and fonts, social media, website design also envoke brand identification.

3. Credibility

Professional design work gives a powerful impression. As previously mentioned, 94% of the users would leave a website due to poor design choices. It’s not surprising, because the lousy design is linked to cheap products or services and looks more suspicious. People don’t want to be tricked into shady affairs, and thereby they leave pages like that.

An experienced team of designers will help to avoid an unfortunate scenario. High-quality visual material will leave a positive impact on existing and potential clients, and help to stand out from competitors.

4. Increased sales

If you think that graphic design is used only to create some cute pictures, then think again. It has a few ways to increase sales. First, it accelerates your conversion rates. When a client is reading about your product or service, he or she will consume information easier if there are visuals included. Nonetheless, it creates that desired brand association.

However, the proper design can also help to get investments and partnerships. A slick slide deck is proven to have an influential effect on investors and other potential leads. Many people who are looking where to invest their money, usually, aren’t specialists in that particular niche. So, when you talk about your company, try to enchant them with those stunning presentation slides.

5. Social media boost

On Instagram posts with images perform 650% better than the ones without, on Facebook, it’s 230%, and on Twitter 150%. So, if you’re struggling with your social media results, perhaps, it lacks appealing visualizations? Engaging design won’t only make your thread more colorful, but it will also help with conversion rates. The more the audience engages with the content you produce, the more they are willing to become your direct customers.

If you want more information on how social media can boost your business awareness, we invite you to read our article about Instagram.

As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So does your design. Embrace and make it work because a sharp style can bring numerous benefits. Creative projects directly correlate with your brand image, conversion rates, and further sales. If you put design work on a side, it can cause a lot of trouble, as we live in a visual world, people have to see you.

However, it doesn’t matter how much attention you pay to design projects if your creative team can’t perform accordingly. Consider using a subscription-based design service that can give you the best outcome for the fixed price. Read more about it.

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