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We offer more
for less.
By focusing on creating the highest quality
work which ensures customer satisfaction.
Call us doctors of business

    is to help businesses get the most from their marketing potential and at the same time reduce the costs for it.


    unlimited graphic design at one fixed monthly fee.


    are various businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs, marketers and designers. Yes that’s right, even other designers!

What we do?

Every day we create marketing,
advertising and sales material

to our clients. In digital
and printed format.

In other words, we use years of our combined
experience and knowledge to provide all our
customers with constant daily solutions to grow
their business.

Check how

Advanced & unique system

We’ve created advanced and unique work system
with internal work dashboard.

With us our clients are able to use all technical advantages
and accomplish all daily projects with no pain.

  • We allow to chat with designer directly through integrated chat.
  • We share our Cloud storage which allows to store and download all the files
  • No more miscommunication, lost emails or third source login for files.
Doctor Idea values
  • Trust!

    We believe true collaboration can only exist in an environment of trust.

  • Quality!

    We are focusing on creating the highest quality work which ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Service!

    We provide only outstanding service that deliver premium value to all our customers.

  • Innovation!

    We have deep passion for innovations that constantly keeps us moving forward.

Doctor’s purpose

    We are dedicated to offer strong solutions helping to achieve better results in fastest possible time at most cost effective methods.


    We strive for creativity and still believe the good design can improve the world. We know it certainly changes our customers’ world.


    We offer more for less. Due to our smart working system we can assure all our customers become more visible and grow their market share.

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