Earn passive income
with Doctor Idea
As long as your referred client using our service.
Affiliate program

Earn passive income monthly
by becoming an affiliate
with Doctor Idea.


  • Passive income

    Earn when your referral signs up and continue earning for their lifetime.

  • Unlimited earning potential

    Refer as much as you wish as the more you refer the more you earn.

  • 3 Tier system

    Use the benefits of our advanced 3 Tier system and earn from your ow sub-affiliate tree.

  • Support for success

    Get our help and marketing tools to achieve great success.

  • We allow to chat with designer directly through integrated chat.
  • We share our Cloud storage which allows to store and download all the files
  • No more miscommunication, lost emails or third source login for files.

What is it and how can I earn from it?

If you join our partners program you can start earn passive income just for referring our services.

There is NO CAP for referrals as you can refer as many as you wish. Once your referral signs up for our services you get your commissions as long as your referral using our services. Yes, lifetime!

Moreover, you can build your own sub-affiliate tree of 3 Tier system:
1st tier gets you 10%
2nd tier gets you 2%
3rd tier gets you 1%

3 Tier System
You can build your own
sub-affiliate tree of 3 Tier System!
  • Can I get something if I refer someone to you?

    Certainly yes! Apply for our affiliate program and refer as many new clients as you wish. For each new client who gets a monthly plan you will be granted 10% of their monthly fee. And that’s not all! You will get your monthly commissions for as long as your referral will keep using our services. If he or she stays for a lifetime, that means you will get your commissions for a lifetime too. Read more about affiliate program here.

  • How can I earn with Doctor Idea?

    We've got really awesome affiliate program for you. Once you register for our affiliate program you will get your unique reference URL. Use this unique URL to invite anybody you consider might like our services. Once your referred person signs for our services through your referral URL you will be granted 10% from their plan price.
  • How long will I get my commissions?

    As long as client keeps their plan! Isn't that good? If client stays forever you will get payed forever. Think about it, that could really become your passive income!
  • When will I get payed?

    Your account will be credited in two weeks after your referred person registers and gets new plan. You can withdraw your funds anytime you wish. Please leave some time until funds reach your bank account.
  • Client signed so why do I need wait two weeks until my account will be credited?

    We need two weeks because we offer 7 day money back guarantee. If client asks for refund that means we didn't earn your funds. Once trial time passes your funds are guaranteed.
  • Is there any help for me as an Affiliate?

    Of course. We will help you as much as we can! We are always here to answer all your questions and give you extra help. For example you can use our banners coded with your unique referral URL. You can place these banners whatever you want in your web or blog to gain more exposure. People who click you banners will be directed to our web through your referral URL. Don't worry if you not sure how to do it. You will find your banners with instructions at your affiliate profile.


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