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Nampro rebranding: from logo to further branding

This time we decided to share a short story about Nampro. It is different because this brand is not new at all. The ones who are in the design and branding industry know how difficult might be to update/rebrand the existing brand. Why is it hard? Mostly because both entrepreneurs and customers are used to the brand, it is easily recognizable. And any redesign of their beloved brand is quite sensitive. more...

Reklaminiai - from logo to further branding

This time we are not about theory, we are about real work and practice! Doctor Idea is pleased to showcase the work which has been done for a new brand We just created a new branding and visual identity in a relatively short period of time. From the logo to the graphic elements, the concept we did, perfectly conveys the youthful maximalism and attitude of the founders towards innovation. more...

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