Show Your Appreciation: 5 Ways to Thank Your Clients

Whether you work in B2C or B2B sectors, it’s essential to appreciate your clients and take care of their needs. But with neverending tasks and deadlines, it’s challenging to find time to thank the people who are the cornerstone of your business. Attention to customers is not only about kind gestures. To understand why it’s vital to remind your clients how much you care, you have to see a bigger picture.

The foremost reason is that clients are what drives the business forward. Without people using your services or products, the company wouldn’t be able to survive. Another crucial reason is that customer acquisition is more expensive than retention. 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquiring new leads.

And of course, a lot of this depends on your business model, but one thing is clear - making your customers happy is essential to thriving. Doctor Idea understands the struggle, and we want to share five ways on how to show your clients that you care because even a small reminder of appreciation can do magic.

Customer Appreciation: 5 Ways to Keep Clients Happy

Training and educational content

When you offer a service, it’s pretty clear to you what is all about, but for a customer, it might be tricky. At the same time, not every customer feels confident enough to ask the bulk of questions, so you have to step in and make it easier for them to receive the needed information. Even as small as a company’s blog can be a great way to educate the audience and connect with them. When potential leads see a comprehensive description of your services and products, they understand that you care about them understanding all sides of what you offer.

Depending on service, you should also consider training sessions. They can be included in the offer or be sold as an additional service. This way, you hit two birds with one stone: your clients understand how to use your service, so you don’t have to do separate consultations, and customers feel appreciated by your effort.

Ask for their feedback

Learning from your mistakes is a fundamental part of a successful business. So, if you want to grow, it’s time to ditch your ego and turn to clients, because they know better - they’re using your product. At the same time, feedback can help you understand what other services you could suggest making your offer more versatile.

For instance, you provide marketing services, and your client uses only content writing for their company, but maybe they also need design solutions. It’s easier for them to use one service provider, and you get more money from the same client.

Create loyalty programs

When you have an extensive client base, it’s smart to divide it. Loyalty programs play with the deep desire to be exclusive that we all have. But it does way more than that, it also offers additional perks. When you have long-term clients, a few euros spent on special offers are a small investment compared to the return.

These programs can be as simple as collecting points and exchanging them into additional services or gifts, or you can make them more special and organize events and exclusive offers for top tier customers.

Cards on special holidays

Even as small as a card to wish merry Christmas can make a significant impact on the way your clients see your business. Holiday cards build a more personal relationship and show appreciation. But keep in mind that although it’s a kind gesture, no one likes to receive a cheap card with copied design.

You can easily make an appealing design that does not only say thank you but also represents your brand. Of course, before special occasions everyone’s busy and it’s complicated to find spare time to prepare cards. If you find yourself in this position, don’t worry, Doctor Idea can help you out. Check our plans and discover what could help you surprise your clients.

Exclusive promotions on social media

Although you probably use social channels to connect with a broad audience, consider making it more exclusive. For instance, you can create premium channels only for special clients where you could share promotions targeted particularly to them. Again, the same as loyalty campaigns, premium promotions give the feeling of being exceptional and special.

It’s also a great way to show off graphic design for social media because an appealing design speaks louder than words (that’s how they say it, right?). And if you want to enhance your design efforts, we are here to help! Doctor Idea offers subscription-based design services for different types of companies. You can check our plans here and see what fits your needs and could make your clients happier.

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