Should You Hire a Freelancer for Your Graphic Design Projects?

We live in a visual age when things don’t exist if they cannot be seen. That being said, even small local brands acknowledge the role of design for their business. It gives a needed exposure, increases brand awareness, and helps consumers to memorize your service better. Also, you stand out from competitors and more amateur counterparts.

However, an appealing design campaign is impossible to achieve without a professional designer or team of designers. Good for you, because currently, you can find more than enough options on how to execute your design projects, yet, you have to choose wisely. Some of the choices are hiring a full-time graphic designer or a freelancer, relying on an agency, and doing all the work by yourself. But trust us - the last one is most likely to end in disaster. So what about other options? In this article, we want to discuss if a freelance graphic designer is the best choice for your design work.

Pros and Cons of a Freelance Graphic Designer

If you run a business, there’s a high chance you had that discussion with your staff. Should you hire a freelancer? Now, the supply of freelance graphic designers is rapidly growing, so, you can choose from hires with different expertise. And don’t get us wrong, hiring someone self-employed, is not necessarily has to be wrong. Usually, a freelancer can offer plenty of benefits.

You might consider the pros of flexibility, as their working time is more adaptable to yours, and they are more responsive to make changes if needed. Price wise self-employed people can give a better deal. They don’t put high fees on their work as they don’t have to manage all the additional costs of renting an office or social support for other team members. In most cases, the third advantage is easier and more accessible communication. If you want to change something you contact a person yourself. However, despite all the benefits, a freelancer comes with some limitations and disadvantages.

Cons of a Freelancer

When it comes to your brand image, being frugal is the worst strategy. So, if you’re considering to hire a freelancer based on the low price, think again. Some disadvantages can affect the way the company is presented.

Quality - by no means we aren’t saying that all freelancers are low-quality workers. However, the good ones are usually quite pricey. And if you want to pick the most suitable choice, it can take a while to find it. At first, you might pick cheaper designers, yet there’s a high chance they won’t be able to carry out tasks professionally. Finally, when you find the right one, you already spent more than it was planned.

Experience - many freelancers don’t have in-depth skills or expertise in a particular niche. They might have mastered some special software but haven’t had a chance to develop knowledge of how specific colors, shapes, fonts go together. It’s challenging to establish a qualified skill set when there’s no senior around. Thus, if they know how to use Adobe Photoshop, it doesn’t mean they can adapt this skill to your brand needs.

Lack of responsibility - although many professional freelancers take their careers seriously, many don’t. If you decide to hire a freelance graphic designer, you might encounter the ones that promise to complete a task, but in the end, you have to nudge them every day to show some progress. Don’t forget cases when new hires take money in advance and never show up again. So, eventually, it’s only a waste of time and money.

Your business is not only a source of money but also your representation, and you have to take it seriously. Professional attitude reflects on every detail, and brand design is a large part of it. So, if you are doubting hiring a freelance graphic designer, consider more reliable assistance. Inspired by our clients’ needs, we developed a subscription-based solution. We offer an experienced team of designers, with a keen eye to detail, to perform your day-to-day design tasks. This service gives you the benefit of a fixed price and an accomplished team.

And if you asked us, freelance graphic designers might be the right choice when you’re starting a business and can’t invest a lot. However, later on, it’s vital to grow and choose professional and highly qualified help.

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