5 Ways How Can Instagram Boost Your Business Awareness

If you haven't posted your vacation photos on Instagram, have you actually been there? By all means, Instagram plays a significant part in our social lives. We eat, travel, date, work out, and everything has to appear on the social channel. Besides checking your friends' wedding photos, Instagram is also one of the leading marketing mediums. Most competent marketers focus on Instagram strategies to boost their brand awareness and thereby, sales. So if you are wondering if your business needs an account, we want to show you some benefits Instagram can bring to your company.

Every month there are more than one billion active Instagram users in the world. These people use the social network not only to scroll funny memes but also engage with brands. As 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35, it's crucial to develop communication between a company and a user. Why so? Most of the millennials choose brands because they can associate their views with the company. Thus, proper engagement with a younger generation is always beneficial for a business. However, you shouldn't forget your audience's needs, because if you serve the older generation, they might not follow Instagram as often.

And of course, if you are proud of your design projects, Instagram is more than a perfect place to show it. So, in this article, we want to discuss 5 ways on how the social channel can boost your brand awareness.

Why Should a Business Have an Instagram Account?

Instagram for business is an effective way to boost your brand awareness and sales. However, it takes proper preparation. So, we listed five steps on how to launch a successful Instagram campaign.

1. Understand your audience

You create beautiful posts, upload witty stories, but people ignore them? Perhaps, you are targeting the wrong audience? It's fundamental for a business to define its target audience; otherwise, it can cost a lot of time and money. Nonetheless, Instagram made it painless to find people who might be your potential clients.

Functions as Instagram Insights, show the way the audience engages with your content. Also, it gives you valuable information about people's age, gender, and other demographic data. It can help to shape your buyer persona. Depending on the metrics, you can determine what content suits your clients' needs and what style and communication strategy works best.

2. Communication is the key

Social media is based on interaction. Embrace that. Yet, recognize the line between engaging with your audience and spamming them with ads. A brand is not only a retail machine, but it also has culture and life inside the office, so don't be afraid to show it. When people can relate to a company, it makes them immerse themselves with the brand. The great way to do so is being casual, showing how your team works every day. Don't forget stories they are proven to attract more attention from potential customers.

Also, use direct communication, for example, in a comment section. If someone asks a question or gives feedback, always try to be polite and responsive. These small things show that you care about your clients.

3. Form your brand image

Example by Beats by Dre

Visuals are the focal point of Instagram, so if you want to represent your business accurately, it's necessary to do it right. Use professional design service and rock your image. Instagram can be a great way of developing a brand style. Instead of just posting a funny picture with a filter, use your own unique expression and design, and stick to them. It will create associations for your followers and help them to recognize the brand better.

4. Trending hashtags and topics

Hashtags are a handy tool to attract new followers. They help people to find relevant content. However, use them wisely. Try avoiding general hashtags that don't say anything about your idea nor business. Also, it's not recommended to overdo the hashtag section, as it might look that you are fishing for followers. Specific and industry-oriented hashtags will lead the way to the followers who are interested in using or buying your product.

Other than that, trending topics are also an excellent way to draw attention. It can be as simple as the main celebrations: Christmas, Valentine's day. Or target the local community and their interests.

5. Influence the audience

Influencers on Instagram are a large part of the industry and channel. People want to follow them, what to use and do what they do, and just be as close to their idols as possible. Thus, it's an excellent strategy to promote your products or services.

There are many different online tools to define influencers who could represent your brand. You can choose from micro influencers who have a more personal relationship with their followers. Or those who have numerous followers. In the end, the key is their audience and their willingness to become a potential customer.

Everyone is on social media, and you should be there too. Instagram doesn't have to be only for scrolling during a lunch break. The social channel is a helpful tool to attract new clients, engage with existing ones, and increase brand awareness. So why not? And if you are looking for ways to develop your brand style, we suggest trying the subscription-based design service. The team of experienced designers will consult you and create visuals that take one's breath away and make your Instagram account hard to resist.

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