Upgrade Your Newsletter: 6 Ways to Make People Want to Open It

Email marketing has an evident influence on business development. It would be difficult to find a company, whether B2B or B2C, that doesn’t use newsletters to expedite sales and customer engagement. However, worth keeping in mind, that each day around 300 billion emails are being sent, which makes it challenging to stand out.

You shouldn’t be discouraged, because if done right, newsletters and email marketing have a significant ROI. For every euro spent on email marketing, you can expect as much as 42 euros in profit. Despite being an effective way to attract more customers, newsletter campaigns build personalized buyer experience and help customers engage with your brand.

But what to do when people don’t open your emails? Although it’s unsettling, you can easily upgrade your newsletters and grow your subscribers’ list.


But first: do you need to upgrade your newsletters?

There are a million reasons why people might not want to open your emails. Perhaps you put too much information or all your efforts land in a spam folder. If open rates drop significantly or the campaign doesn’t work in the first place, it should alert you that you might need to upgrade your newsletter.

Upgrade Your Newsletter

Simple and responsive newsletter design

What do you do when you receive an email where half of the content doesn’t load, illustrations don’t fit the template, and fonts don’t match? Most likely, you delete emails like that immediately. Because they not only look unprofessional, but they also signal that something is wrong with the sender and it shouldn’t be trusted.

Simplicity is key here. No one needs to read all your blog posts in one sitting, and no one wants to see three pages of your summer catalog. Emails should trigger curiosity and lead to clicking to other channels. Also, make sure that everything that’s inside the email has a purpose. If you have a CTA, then it has to have a link to a page that’s promised above the call. If there’s a picture it has to show relevant information and not just to “add color.”

If it sounds complicated, don’t worry, and trust Doctor Idea in creating a sharp and compelling design. We find what works best for your audience and create a design that sells. See how professional graphic design service can boost your emails:


Change email templates from time to time

An email should represent your brand, but it shouldn’t be always the same template with a few words changed. Readers won’t try to analyze content inside, they will skip the email because it looks like the one you sent yesterday. It’s useful to change email templates - if you send different types of emails, you can use different designs to represent them.

Newsletter marketing

Email marketing platforms offer a wide range of predesigned templates. Many of those can be changed and adjusted to your brand. And it’s a great way to make sure that your template looks professional, design is responsive, and at the same time, it’s easy to make changes and revisions.

Audience segmentation and personalized emails

Personalization is the king in marketing, that being said, personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates. However, times, when you could surprise readers by writing their names on a headline, are over. A personalized newsletter has to target personal interests and buying habits.

Most content marketing management platforms allow you to segment the audience in different groups. You can divide them by age, gender, demographic information, or depending on their search or buying history. For instance, you run an online book shop, and a client always orders horror stories. Based on these metrics, you might want to offer horror-related content.

Provide value

There is already too much content online, and receiving numerous similar newsletters irritates people. If you spam subscribers with irrelevant information and every little detail that happened, don’t be surprised when people start unsubscribing from the email list. Whether you give valuable information, insert discount code or special offer, it has to bring value.

Newsletter marketing

Emails have to suit the reader if they are personalized and match the reader’s interests, you already provide value. If you can’t determine interests, then ask subscribers, a great way to do so is to include surveys. It shows attention to readers and provides you with important insights.

Don’t underestimate A/B testings

Whether you’re trying out a new template or trying to introduce different content, it’s good to test it first. If you wait for an email to generate insightful results, you would waste a lot of time and would risk of making wrong assumptions. When you send two different emails with different hypotheses, you can see what works and what’s not.

For instance, if you want to try a new design with fewer links, and the one with more, you can run an A/B test, and see which one generates more clicks. Also, try to be strategic, and run tests on similar audiences, because again, without segmentation it’s difficult to get clear results.

Strategic CTAs

As we already discussed that an email has to provide value, usually that value leads to Call to Action. If you begin with a compelling headline and create intrigue, you should direct readers to a related page where they could continue a buyer’s journey. Even a simple CTA like “read more” or “download your copy” is better than nothing. You can also play with benefits, such as “download this ebook to boost your sales” or “learn how to increase conversion rates.” These CTAs are short, but describe what a reader can expect from clicking on it.

Newsletter marketing

A thing to keep in mind is where you place them. If you provide information about a product or service, then put a link just below or in the middle.

An email or newsletter takes only a second to open it, but hours to make it in a way that people would like to click on it. If you already have that one compelling idea of how to create an irresistible email, let us design it. Doctor Idea works with various design projects, including newsletter design. We provide subscription-based services, which allows you to choose the best plan for your business needs. Whether you want to upgrade a newsletter campaign or discover new ways to represent your brand, check our plans and see how it can benefit your business.

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